Mobile Credit Card Processing: 6 Reasons To Use It

As a small business owner, you always have to keep up with your customers and the technology in their lives. You may have heard of mobile credit card processing services. These are apps that you can download to your smartphone or tablet, and with the use of a small card scanner that plugs into your headphone jack, can basically turn your mobile device into a cash register. If you aren’t using a mobile card processor, what’s stopping you? If you still need convincing, these 6 benefits will change your mind.

  1. Most mobile credit card processing services are free
    Almost all of the mobile card processing services come at no cost. The apps themselves are usually free, and using the basic app on your iPhone or Android (or even Windows phone, depending on the service) doesn’t come at a cost.
For example, you can download Square from your app store for free, and although they have a premium tablet POS, you can use it on your phone for free.
  • You can take your brick-and-mortar business anywhere
    Mobile credit card processing services let you set up shop anywhere. Whether you want to walk the sales floor freely or accept business at a local expo, you’ll be prepared for anything. You’ll be able to carry out a transaction at any location, providing you have WiFi or a wireless data connection. All you need to do is carry your phone and card reader!
  • Your customers don’t carry cash anymore
    In the age of direct deposit, fewer consumers are carrying cash. If you can’t accept credit or debit cards, you’ll be denying plenty of potential customers and kissing money goodbye.
  • The apps are easy to use
    After a minute or two of set-up and navigating, you’ll be pretty familiar with almost any payment processing app. Learning the interface will be easy, and training your employees to use it won’t take a long time either.
  • No credit card information is saved to your device
    Whenever you process a transaction, the payment information is not stored on your phone or tablet. Just like a transaction at a traditional POS, the information is stored on encrypted servers. You can assure customers that their credit card information isn’t accessible by you or your employees—and you can ensure that your employees won’t run away with your customers’ private information.
  • Mobile credit card processors can offer more than a point-of-sale
    Many card processing apps do more than process a card transaction. The mobile application has a limited scope of features, but you can still set an item directory, allow for tips, and set a range of taxes. Accessing your account on a computer opens up a new range of features, such as a robust transaction log.
  • Photo: Depositphotos/©prykhodov